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The Leprosy Mission Canada has been providing care to leprosy patients in Bangladesh for many years. The three main projects that TLM Canada supports are the Rural Health Programs in northern Bangladesh, the Leprosy Care and Community Based Rehabilitation projects in Dhaka, and the Gaibandha-Jaypurhat Leprosy Care Project. Please click on the names of these projects to read more about them.

The mission of The Leprosy Mission Bangladesh is "that no person affected by leprosy will be excluded from access to good quality holistic services appropriate to their needs and circumstances." The Leprosy Mission Canada joins with our brothers and sisters in Bangladesh to cure and care for people with leprosy.

Each year, more than 5000 Bangladeshis are diagnosed with leprosy.

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Facts about Bangladesh:

  • Bangladesh has a population of 158.6 million people
  • The leprosy detection rate is 3.5 cases per 100,000 people
  • About 1/3 of Bangladesh's land area floods each year during the rainy season
  • 45% of Bangladeshis live below the poverty line
  • Bangladesh is a low lying, flat country with a total of 55,598 square miles of land
  • The population density is 1000 per square kilometre
  • Bangladesh is mostly surrounded by India except for a small border with Myanmar in the South-East
  • The literacy rate is approximately 27% among men and 20% among women
  • Bangladesh has the 3rd largest Muslim population and the 7th largest overall population in the world

(All statistics are from publications by The Leprosy Mission International)

If you would like to cure someone with leprosy, please visit our donation page now.

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