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The Leprosy Mission Canada regularly sends out newsletters to tell Canadians the stories of leprosy patients, share information about a project that TLMC supports and ask for their help in fighting this disease.

To receive any of these newsletters, please email us at or call TLM Canada at 1-888-537-7679.



Find a specific Frontline, our newsletter about TLM projects, here.

Febryary 2014 - Kolkata, India

November 2013 - Dhaka, Bangladesh

September 2013 - Nepal

June 2013 - Surgery

April 2013 - Indonesia

February 2013 - Naini Hospital, India

You can view and download the PDF documents on this page for free using Acrobat Reader.


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General Newsletter

Here are copies of our monthly newsletter about people with leprosy.

April 2014 - Gyani's story

March 2014 - Tania's story

February 2014 - Supriya's story

January 2014 - Jhandu's story

December 2013 - Hasib's story

November 2013 - Siromani's story

October 2013 - Saathi's story

September 2013 - Mitu's story

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