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This section provides a list of current employment opportunities with The Leprosy Mission Canada.

Canadian Opportunities

We are always looking for volunteers, either in your community or in our Markham, Ontario office. Browse the Volunteers section of this website or call us at 1-888-537-7679 today.


International Staff and Volunteer Vacancies

Medium Term (2+ years)

No positions currently available.

Short and Medium Term

Volunteers, Medical Electives, Short-term Professionals and Internships

The Leprosy Mission has many opportunities for shorter-term service with the Mission, including:

  • Volunteers (3-6 months)
  • Medical Electives (6-8 weeks)
  • Short-term Professionals (3-9 months)
  • Internships (1-2 years)

Download a PDF document giving more information about these opportunities now.

Please note that The Leprosy Mission Canada is presently reviewing its overseas service policies and practices. During this review, we shall post on this site any specific requests from our partners overseas for people who are qualified for a specific function or form of service. As for unsolicited enquiries, we shall delay our review of these until we have completed our policy review.

For committed Canadian Christians interested in working in Africa, Asia or India, please contact The Leprosy Mission Canada by email at or call 1-888-537-7679.

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