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Stamp Program

Many friends of The Leprosy Mission Canada help by sending us their trimmed, used postage stamps. These stamps are then repackaged into 25 lb. bags and sold to stamp dealers. The money raised from stamp sales is used to supply medicine, care and rehabilitation to people suffering from leprosy.

Please note that stamp dealers:
  • Are interested in the special commemorative issues of Canadian/American postage stamps (but are not interested in regular flag stamps)
  • Welcome all foreign stamps
  • Prefer stamps to be trimmed, leaving a 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch paper border, being careful not to damage the perforation

Please send your packages by regular parcel rate to our office (click here for contact information), and be sure to identify yourself or your group so we can thank you.

Should you send us your albums and valuable stamp collections, they are sold through a firm of auctioneers. Please feel free to sell your stamps to local buyers; just let us know that the donation you send to us is the result of stamp sales.

For more information about TLM Canada's stamp program, please click here to read and download our Stamping Out Leprosy brochure. [Opens as a PDF]

You can view and download the PDF documents on this page for free using Acrobat Reader.


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Sheila's Story

Sheila McDonald does not let the fact that she is from a small town in rural Saskatchewan stop her from making a difference throughout the country.

In fact, at the age of 83, the Invermay woman has already spent about 20 years helping others. She lends her helping hand by collecting stamps and submitting them to The Leprosy Mission Canada.

McDonald is one of many friends of the Leprosy Mission who help by sending in stamps. Once received the stamps are packaged into 25 lb bags and sold to dealers at $6 per pound. The money realized from stamp sales is used to supply medicine, care and rehabilitation to people suffering from leprosy. For the past few years the process has netted about $10,000 to $12,000 per year.

Because of the sheer volume they receive, The Leprosy Mission is becoming more selective about the type of stamps they accept. Right now they are only interested in special commemorative issues of Canadian or American postage stamps, but not in the stamps that sport a flag as they are more common. They are especially interested in foreign stamps and thanks to Benny's Restaurant McDonald has been able to submit quite a few. They have given her several of their stamps from China - some have been so unique that McDonald was tempted to keep them for herself.

McDonald took over managing the stamps after she was approached by former Invermay resident Mrs. Dodd. Over the years she has had some elves who helped her cut and trim the stamps, however more often than not she finds herself doing the job on her own. She says it would not be possible without her many dedicated suppliers. Anyone wishing to get involved is asked to give her a call.

Written by Anne Sanderson of The Wadena News, Saskatchewan
First published on December 20, 2006
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