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RECLAIM (Releasing the Energy and Capabilities of Leprosy Affected Individuals and other Marginalized People) is a project supported by The Leprosy Mission Canada in the Central Region of Nepal. It is dedicated to ensuring that disabled people, particularly those affected by leprosy, will initiate and actively participate in self-generated development initiatives such as micro-credit loans and vocational training. The goals of RECLAIM are to:

  • Provide greater participation of disabled people in community life
  • Increase assets for people with disabilities through income generating activities funded through micro-credit schemes
  • Give disabled people the opportunity to associate and form organizations and advocate for their own rights
  • Improve access to training, education and health services for people with disabilities, especially those affected by leprosy

In Nepal, the majority of disabled people face many barriers to accessing the basic rights and provisions given to them in the national constitution and other statutes. Even when disabled people can access government provisions, the resources often aren’t enough to alleviate their poverty. There are over 150,000 people disabled because of leprosy in Nepal.

Please give thanks to God for the success of RECLAIM so far, and pray that it will continue to be successful in the future. Two particular areas for prayer are:

  • Community participation and advocacy: RECLAIM fosters greater participation of disabled people in the community and encourages disabled people to establish and advocate for their own rights. Advocacy efforts are essential to pushing the national government to implement policies that will benefit people with disabilities.
  • Capacity and Empowerment: The project increases the earning capacity of people affected by leprosy and allows them to look after their families, cope with emergencies and improve their lifestyle.

TLMC also supports Rekdekh Chautari, an outpatient Prevention of Disability program in the Lalgadh area of Nepal. Rekdekh Chautari includes Prevention of Disability services at the Lalgadh Leprosy Service Centre (LLSC) and satellite clinics in strategic health centres and remote locations throughout the Lalgadh region. This program has been very successful at building strong relationships between LLSC and Nepalese government staff and improving the quality of care to people affected by leprosy in the Lalgadh area.

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Mainudin's life was transformed with the help of The Leprosy Mission in Nepal. Watch his inspiring story of how his life changed from being a victim to becoming a leader.

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