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In partnership with Yayasan Transformasi Lepra Indonesia (YTLI), The Leprosy Mission Canada helps people with leprosy and other disabilities to understand and access their basic rights and improve their quality of life through the ACTION project.

In three different provinces in Indonesia, ACTION helps to organize groups that advocate for the rights of people with leprosy and disabilities. They also educate people about leprosy in the community to help reduce the stigma surrounding the disease. Thirdly, ACTION provides basic health and education services to those who need it most.

There is a lot of stigma surrounding leprosy in the areas where ACTION works. People affected by leprosy do not have the opportunity to easily access government services or find employment, and they often live in poverty. TLMC, YTLI and ACTION work for social change in order to reduce poverty and discrimination. By forming advocacy groups, people with leprosy and disabilities now have a platform to work towards justice, equity and respect for all people.

The people who benefit most of this project are those who have been disadvantaged, marginalized or stigmatized by disability. Empowering these people to end discrimination and stigma is the best way to create lasting change in their own communities and in society.

Background Information: 

  • There are 33 provinces in Indonesia
  • Indonesia has a population of over 245 million people scattered over 16,000 islands
  • There are 4 provinces with high leprosy prevalence rates

If you would like to cure someone with leprosy, please visit our donation page now.

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